Faith in Action of Brazosport is an ecumenical organization in the Brazosport area designed to help meet the needs of the elderly, disabled and chronically ill by providing volunteer labor and materials for home repair and maintenance.

Through camps and projects, Youth and Adults come together to help those in our community maintain homes as well as building wheelchair ramps, install handrails, and other things necessary so that they can remain in their homes.

In addition, Youth and Adult Volunteers will grow closer to Jesus and share Christ’s love as they provide these much needed home repairs. They’ll serve in real, practical ways repairing doorways, restoring porches, rebuild unsafe steps, and at the same time give them a heart for service…and a heart for God.

Through Faith in Action – you can connect with people who have real needs…whose names you’ll learn…whose lives you’ll impact in Jesus’ name.

It’s not so much about the “service projects” (although the repairs are important) it’s more about God changing your heart…and the heart of the people you serve. The “work” fades, but the impact of selfless service and new relationships lasts!

Come join Faith in Action and help transform lives – including your own!

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Building hope through community. Building community through hope.